I try to keep this as simple as possible!
‘Shooting’ means the taking of the photographs where ever that may happen. ‘Editing’ means the part where I sit at the computer sorting everything out afterwards! Rather than charge one hourly rate for everything I charge less for ‘Editing’ as I am sat in the warm at my computer and it is far less ‘taxing’!

The 2 different prices indicate if I am photographing and retaining Copyright or photographing and releasing Copyright (Assigned Copyright Licence) more details of my Licence and Usages can be found on my Info page

Discounted rates are also available on half and full day bookings


  • £45 per hour
  • £55 per hour(under an ‘Assigned Copyright’ licence)
  • Half Day (4 hour block booking) Discounted rate £160 (should cost £180 on hourly rate)
  • Full Day (8 hour block booking) Discounted rate £330 (should cost £360 on hourly rate)


  • £25 per hour
  • £35 per hour (under an ‘Assigned Copyright’ licence)

 – for a maximum of 4 hours total editing on standard jobs (where photographic shooting extends to more than 1 consecutive business working day then 4 hours editing per day is applicable by prior arrangement with the client)

For example: if a shoot take 5 hours and 5 or more hours editing is applicable the client only pays for 4 hours editing time. If a shoot takes 1 hour and the editing time is also 1 hour then the client only pays for 1 hour editing time.

Press Shoot (if under 1 hour shooting) incl editing – £50

‘Same Day’ Charge – £25 (if a booking is made for an event on that same day then this charge is applicable)

Mileage – £0.40 per mile 

Queries and Bookings

Queries and Bookings can be submitted via either:


Website Contact form

Other Stuff

No deposit is necessary.

If a purchase order number is applicable, please forward this at the same time as confirming booking.

Thru A Lupe  request that bookings be made with approx 5 business working days notice although Thru A Lupe will make every effort to accept bookings made within a shorter time frame where possible. Should a query/booking be made for an event happening on that same day then a ‘same day’ charge will be applicable (see above).

Depending on the nature of the work, other expenses maybe incurred over and above those set out above. These maybe be passed onto the client  but only with prior agreement.

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Thru A Lupe Photographic Money

Thru A Lupe Photographic Money